Supporting you throughout your IVF journey

Slade Pharmacy proudly provides expert pharmacy services to support the needs of IVF patients.

We partner with several leading fertility clinics and have assisted thousands of patients to confidently understand and administer their IVF medications.

Your fertility clinic will contact our IVF specialist pharmacists to begin your order. Once we have received your order and reviewed the information, we will contact you to confirm receipt and organise your next steps, including collection.

Understanding your IVF medication and how to administer it can be daunting. We have IVF specialist pharmacists who can support you with questions about any of your medications, including:

  • Dispensing medications for your cycle
  • Supplying IVF devices, kits and equipment
  • Training on IVF device use and injection technique
  • Compounding customised IVF medications
  • Providing health and medication advice

If you have your own prescription for IVF medication you are welcome to visit us at our Richmond, Geelong or Frankston pharmacies to discuss your order.

If you would like to chat with one of our team members, please contact Slade Pharmacy Richmond, Geelong or Frankston. Please note it is a legal requirement that we receive your original prescription before we can release your medication. Please bring your prescription with you when you come in store or email us a copy.


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