Botulinum toxin

Slade is an approved botulinum toxin dispenser

Slade Pharmacy is proud to provide specialist services nationwide and support clinics with access to a seamless supply of botulinum toxin, particularly for patients and clinics who do not have direct access to a retail or hospital pharmacy.

Our process

Direct manufacturer to clinic system

Slade Pharmacy purchases botulinum toxin vials directly from the supplier and manages the stock with cold chain delivery, offering peace of mind that the integrity of the product is maintained.


Script dispensing

Once a co-payment form has been completed, Slade will dispense the botulinum toxin using the supplied patient script. Slade is an approved botulinum toxin dispenser and follows strict regulations enforced by Medicare.


Stock reconciliation

Slade manages the PBS claim subsidy for botulinum toxin on the patient’s behalf and collects all associated patient contributions (co-payments).


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