Clinical trials

Committed to excellence in clinical trials

Slade Pharmacy is committed to the delivery of clinical trials across Australia.

Through collaboration with hospital partners, Slade supports the management of pharmaceutical components and the cost of investigational drug service delivery for clinical trials in all patient settings.

Slade Pharmacy supports a number of different clinical trials, including:

  • Phase I through Phase IV trials
  • Trials with clinical indications including solid tumours and cardiovascular, haematological, neurological, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions
  • Both commercially sponsored trials and unsponsored collaborative research studies

Slade Pharmacy follows all industry standards as defined by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists’ of Australia Standards of Practice for Pharmacy Investigational Drugs Services, with a focus on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for the handling of investigational products for clinical trials and storage of investigational products within a secure, temperature controlled and monitored environment. All pharmacists must have undergone recognised online training and have a current GCP certificate.


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