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A commitment to providing the best possible care

At Slade Pharmacy, our commitment to care underpins everything that we do.

We are dedicated to ensuring that patients remain our first priority, and are proud to share this commitment through our longstanding partnerships with some of the largest private hospital groups in Australia, including Epworth, Healthe Care and St Vincent’s Health Australia.

We are an innovative, respected industry leader in pharmacy and medication services, delivering quality, cost efficient and flexible solutions to:

  • Hospitals
  • Oncology providers
  • Specialist clinics

Our services include

  • Best-practice dispensing and clinical pharmacy services (including quality management practices)
  • Cost effective imprest management
  • Best market pricing for pharmaceuticals
  • A range of innovative digital e-health applications

A proud history combined

Proudly building on a combined 90-year legacy of delivering exceptional pharmacy services across the hospital and oncology sectors.

Epic Pharmacy has more than 35 years’ experience in hospital pharmacy and oncology services, with a commitment to consistently exploring innovative technologies and ways to deliver exceptional care. Both Slade and Epic are part of the Icon Group, who deliver pharmacy service management through a robust hospital and oncology pharmacy governance framework that ensures best practice in clinical delivery.

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Our origins

Epic Pharmacy was founded under the name APHS in 1986 with the opening of a hospital pharmacy service for St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane. Following expansion into Queensland aged care services in 1993, APHS were awarded a 15-year contract in 1995 to provide services at Australia’s largest private hospital.

In 2002, APHS merged with Active Care, led by Stuart Giles and Cathie Reid, which expanded the organisation from Queensland down the eastern seaboard. APHS went on to secure a 20-year pharmacy contract with Haematology and Oncology Clinics of Australasia (HOCA) in 2008, before a milestone expansion into Western Australia the following year with the acquisition of several large hospital pharmacy contracts – establishing APHS as a truly national organisation.

APHS rebranded to Epic Pharmacy in 2014 reflecting the company’s core values of Energy, Purpose, Innovate and Connect, and expanded into Tasmania in 2017, providing pharmacy services in all states across Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

In 2020, Epic Pharmacy announced the transition from Stuart Giles and Cathie Reid to David Slade (Managing Director of Slade Pharmacy) following an acquisition of the hospital pharmacy interests.

In 2023, Epic Pharmacies was rebranded to Slade Pharmacies.


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