Recovering from surgery can be a painful and frustrating experience as you struggle to accomplish tasks that were once a simple part of life. There are a number of recovery and mobility appliances that can help you with daily activities such as reaching, twisting, bending, stretching, lifting, turning and washing, including:


Reachers and Grabbers Reachers and grabbers help pick things up without needing to twist or bend awkwardly
Vehicle Support Handle Vehicle support handles help you enter and exit cars more conveniently and safely
Swivel cushion Swivel cushions help prevent hip and back strain during weight transfer
Sock Aid Sock aids help you put on your socks, including compression stockings, when bending is difficult
Show horn Shoe horns enable you to take shoes on and off without bending and stretching
Knee walker Knee walkers are a safe alternative to crutches, especially when recovering from foot or ankle surgery
Hand Bed Rails Hand rails on your bed provide support to help you lift yourself in and out of bed
Grab Bars Grab bars around the house provide additional support when moving around the home. They are useful in the bathroom, the bedroom or in the living room beside your couch or favourite chair
Quad Cane Quad canes provide extra stability and the confidence to go for a short walk
Bath, bench, shower chair Bath / Shower bend chairs help you get in / out of the bath and sit under the shower
Toilet seat raiser Toilet seat raisers elevate the toilet to make it easier for you to lift yourself up
Toilet Wipe Aid A toilet wipe aid assists when reaching is difficult


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