Health assessments

Monitoring your health is important. Your Slade Pharmacists are here to help measure and improve your health and wellbeing. Our professional health assessments are designed to gain an understanding of your current health status so we can then work together to achieve a healthier you.

Our health assessments are available at Slade Pharmacy Richmond, Camberwell and Victoria Parade East Melbourne. Click here for contact details.


Cholesterol Testing
In some cases it may be important to check cholesterol levels regularly. Our trained Pharmacists conduct on-site random cholesterol tests.


Blood Glucose Testing
Our Pharmacists can provide a quick and simple random blood glucose test as well as a risk assessment to better understand your risk levels.


Blood Pressure Testing
We offer a simple way to check your blood pressure and can advise on ways to improve overall heart health. A blood pressure reading only takes a couple of minutes and is available all year round.


Asthma check-up
90% of Asthma sufferers use their devices incorrectly and only 55% only sometimes or never use a spacer*. Our trained Pharmacist will:

  • Take a Peak Expiratory Flow reading to assess the severity of your asthma
  • Undertake an In-Check Dial to assess your spacer technique
  • Demonstrate the best speed of inhalation for the type of puffer
  • Recommend the right products to help manage your Asthma

*Asthma Australia, Asthma Update 2011


Bowel Screening
At Slade Pharmacy, we range the Bowel Screen Australia®* screening test, which involves a simple, accurate and non-invasive test to use in the privacy of home. The test works by detecting tiny amounts of blood (usually invisible to the naked eye) that are released from bowel cancers or pre-cancerous growths into the bowel motion.

*The BowelScreen Australia® screening test is not a diagnostic tool. It is recommended for people over the age of 50 with no symptoms or family history of bowel cancer. If you have symptoms and/or have a family history of bowel cancer, please see you doctor.


Weight Assessments
Maintaining a healthy weight is important to general health. Being under or overweight can lead to health related issues.

Our weight assessment provides advice on achieving your weight management goals.


SpotCheck Testing
SpotCheck is a convenient and quick way to check your skin spots. We use the latest technology in mole analysis to accurately assess your spots and the initial screening takes a few minutes.

We will take a photo with a specialised camera that can identify potential health issues. Images are sent to qualified medical practitioner who will review and provide a full report.


Zinc Testing
The immune system requires zinc for many aspects of its function. It helps boost immunity, strengthens the healing process and improves the health of hair, skin and nails. Sub-optimal levels of zinc are very common at all ages but are more prevalent in the elderly.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is obtained through diet as the body is unable to make it. If zinc levels become low it can affect general health. Certain factors such as excessive exercise, stress, smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol also increase the excretion of zinc which may need to be replaced with supplements.

Your Slade Pharmacist can complete a simple test that will check if your zinc levels are at their optimum level.