Cancer treatment may involve chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Both treatments can present uncomfortable or visible side effects. Every person’s reaction to treatment is different. Some side effects may not affect you, and others may be more severe.


Your skin needs a lot of care during treatment as it can become dry, itchy and sensitive. It is important to maintain healthy and well-moisturised skin and use gentle products that minimise skin irritation. Natural, pH balanced, organic skincare products are well-suited for sensitive skin due to the purity of ingredients and organic nature.

Remember to look after your lips with a natural moisturising lip balm. Keep one handy in the car or in your handbag.

Extra soft cotton moisturising gloves protect hands and help heal roughness after you apply a hand cream. The gloves “hold in” your hand cream for a deep moisturising effect.



It is important to maintain a healthy diet while undergoing cancer treatment in order to keep your body well-fuelled and hydrated. Because of the nature of your treatment your immune system may become weakened.

Some vitamins and medicines can interfere with the effects of chemotherapy. Make sure you provide your doctor with a list of vitamins and medicines you are currently taking, including over-the-counter medicines. If you start taking any new medicines during your treatment, let your doctor know.


Dry mouth

During treatment you may be susceptible to mouth ulcers and dry mouth. This can cause discomfort and loss of taste when eating. Washing your mouth out with an alcohol free or sodium bicarb mouth wash four times a day and brushing your teeth after every meal with a soft toothbrush can help.


Hair care

Your hair follicles can get damaged when undergoing cancer treatment. Ask your Slade Pharmacist to recommend an appropriate hair treatment during your treatment. Your therapy may result in hair loss, and we stock a number of fashionable headscarfs that may improve your confidence while undergoing treatment. A Slade Pharmacy team member can provide advice around how to style your head accessories.


Your appearance

Understanding the appearance-related side effects of treatment is also important. Some of your regular daily beauty products may start to irritate your skin. Speak to your Slade Pharmacy Beauty Specialist about our range of make-up options.


Remembering everything

It can be difficult to remember everything your medical team, including your oncology Pharmacist tells you, so we encourage you to use this health book to help keep track of details such as side effects experienced, toilet stops, water intake per day, your temperature or even questions you want to ask.



Slade Pharmacists and team members have the expertise to help you with advice, assistance and information while you are going through cancer treatment.

To help you maintain a strong focus on good health and recovery Slade Pharmacy has also created a unique Better Health Book where you can monitor what’s important to you on a regular basis. Get your free copy in-store today.


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