IVF medication and support

At Slade Pharmacy the provision of fertility medication is one of our specialties. We are the preferred pharmacy partner for a number of leading fertility clinics including Monash IVF, Number 1 Fertility and New Life IVF in Victoria as well as patients from other IVF clinics across Australia.

We can supply all your fertility medication, medication devices and equipment, and provide expert advice and counselling regarding your treatment.

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IVF medication advice

Our highly trained and experienced pharmacists understand that the journey our patients are on can be emotional and difficult. We offer a compassionate ear and professional advice and have assisted many patients during their IVF Journey.

If you have any questions about any of your medications please speak to your pharmacist. Either call us on 03 8420 0700 or visit Slade Pharmacy Richmond, Geelong or Vic Parade East Melbourne for a private and confidential discussion.


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