Prescribing Compounded Medication

A prescription is required for all compounded medications. Doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners should inform patients they have been prescribed compounded medications because there are no commercial “off-the-shelf” products available to meet their individual requirements.

A prescription for a compounded medication should include:

  • The patient’s details
  • Dosage and drug required
  • Dosage form (e.g. transdermal, suspension, capsules etc.)
  • Length of treatment or quantity required
  • Signature of the prescriber

For any queries regarding prescriptions please call our pharmacy team on 03 8420 0700.

How to order

Patients can order their medications online, via post, email or fax or present the prescription to one of our pharmacies.  We aim to have prescriptions ready within 72 hours of receipt of order. As a leading compounding pharmacy we are able to supply medications Australia-wide. We are also able to supply to home and business locations for your convenience.

Please contact us on 03 8420 0700. for any queries regarding shelf life or repeat prescriptions or to place an order.