For those diagnosed with diabetes, a Slade Pharmacist can help teach you how to administer your medication and assist you with monitoring glucose levels and managing out-of-range levels. We can also help to  develop an action plan for low sugar levels , as well as select the most appropriate hypoglycemic management strategy for you.

Our Pharmacists can advise on the importance of nutrition and exercise to compliment medication management in treating diabetes and undertake regular health assessment to monitor your health.

As a registered ‘Access Point’ for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), we stock a range of diabetes-related products, some of which we supply at subsidised prices.

Administered by Diabetes Australia, the NDSS is an initiative of the Australian Government to help make diabetes-related products more accessible and provide diabetes-related products at subsidised prices. Subsidised products include blood glucose testing strips, pen needles, syringes and urine testing strips/tablets.

To take advantage of the NDSS scheme visit one of our stores to register.



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