In recent times there has been a monumental shift in the cosmetic industry towards creating natural products, without compromising on colour or delivery. This has led to varying degrees of what cosmetics can actually be classified as natural. As there is a lack of uniform industry norms, a product can be labelled ‘natural’ even if it contains a very small percentage of natural ingredients.

INIKA seeks to set this standard with Certified Vegan, Cruelty free and Organic cosmetics that contain no hidden or harming ingredients. Free from fillers such as Bismuth Oxide and Talc INIKA products also do not use micronized Nano particles.

For natural products it all starts at the base. Here’s what to look for and what to avoid:

  • Primers are the base of your make-up and therefore have the greatest impact on the health of your skin.
  • Look for a Certified Organic symbol, for example the OFC (Organic Food Chain) Australia which is one of the highest ratings worldwide. This means that a product must contain at least 70% natural organic ingredients. This logo also means that the ingredients in your organic product have been produced in a responsible ecological and harmonious way.
  • Make sure your primer does not clog pores as we will be wearing it all day so be sure to avoid blocking comedogenic (pore blocking) substances like Mineral Oil (a form of petroleum).

INIKA Certified Organic Pure Primer uses Aloe Vera Juice and Jojoba Seed Oil to hydrate skin without congesting pores.

Your daily health routine should also encompass your foundation.

As we wear foundation all day it’s important to make sure that we are not causing build up in our pores. Ideally your natural foundation should blur the line between a moisturiser and a foundation by providing effortless all -day hydration.

INIKA Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation, is packed full of hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter and Green Tea Extract for an all-day glow that won’t compromise the health of your skin.

If you are opting for a foundation powder it should ideally look as flawless as possible without caking on the face. A great natural powder uses rock pigments to create a product that when blended looks even and matt with no residue. Good Mineral Powders will blend effortlessly into the skin with soft downward strokes using a Kabuki Brush, without the need to buff out imperfections.

Always apply your foundation with a brush. INIKA’s Vegan Kabuki Brush has beautifully soft bristles that work in harmony with the INIKA products to create a flawless look. As the bristles are synthetic the brush cannot harbour bacteria, making it safe for everyday use.

If you find you have to buff your natural foundation into the skin then it may contain a filler called Bismuth Oxide. Bismuth Oxide is a cheap filler that is sometimes added to mineral make up creating a pearlescent effect. Bismuth Oxide also has the propensity to clog pores and cause itching.

Other ingredients to avoid include: Talc, Dimethecone and Paraben.

INIKA Mineral Foundation Powder contains no nasty ingredients and is 100% natural. Also created with Non Micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc which offers natural sun protection making it one of the safest products on the market.

Source: Tony Rechtman, CEO, INIKA