Veterinarian Compounding

For all creatures great and small we work with veterinarians to provide tailored medications for domestic and exotic species. Our expertise in compounding helps veterinarians work around a number of challenges including:

  • Discontinued medications
  • Method of administration
  • Strengths, quantity and flavour of commercial medications

Medications can be formulated in a range of strengths, quantities, combinations, sizes, flavours and dosage forms, and can be supplied across Australia.

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Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

When choosing a compounding pharmacy, it is important to check rigorous quality procedures are in place.

A compounding chemist must work to the highest set of standards using ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers, conduct independent testing and follow procedures to ensure high-quality medications.

We are dedicated to providing premium-quality products and services. The Slade quality management system ensures that customised medications can be prepared safely, appropriately and under stringent quality-controlled requirements.