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At Slade Pharmacy, we are highly experienced in compounding erectile dysfunction medications. We work with urologists, urology nurses and general practitioners to ensure that patients across Australia have timely access to affordable, high quality compounded medications for erectile dysfunction. Our pharmacists are able to provide dosage titration advice to prescribers and counsel patients on the correct use of their medications.

We can supply all your erectile dysfunction medication and treatment needs — both off-the-shelf and compounded (specially-prepared based on a medical prescription) and provide expert advice regarding your prescription.

Our state-of-the-art sterile compounding pharmacy located at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond is staffed by highly experienced and trained pharmacists and technicians.  Our sterile compounded medications are randomly tested and our strict quality control system ensures that our compounded medications are of the highest quality.

Medication Advice

Our highly experienced pharmacists understand that the journey that our patients are on can be emotional and difficult. We offer a companionate ear and professional advice and have assisted thousands of patients with their erectile dysfunction.

If you have any questions at all about your medications please speak to your pharmacist. Either call us on 03 8420 0700 or visit one of the Slade Pharmacies for a private and confidential discussion.

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For Prescribers

If you would like any further information regarding treatment protocols, product selection, dose titration, patient education materials and pricing, please contact our compounding pharmacists by phone or email us on and we will gladly assist. Our pharmacists can provide assistance in selecting the correct product to initiate therapy and can provide ongoing advice about follow-on treatment options if needed.

Our compounding pharmacists work to the highest set of standards using ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers and the Slade quality management system ensures that customised medications can be prepared safely, appropriately and under stringent quality-controlled requirements.