Compounding Pharmacy – Customised Medications

slade-pharmacy-compoundia-logoCompounding is the process of custom manufacturing a medication for a specific patient and to the specification of the prescriber. At Slade Pharmacy we take great pride in compounding medications and offering important therapeutic options for our prescribers and the highest quality medications for our patients.

Our flagship compounding pharmacy is Slade Pharmacy Compoundia situated in the Docklands precinct of Melbourne. Our flagship sterile compounding pharmacy is located within the Epworth Hospital at Richmond, just outside of the Melbourne CBD. From there, we are proud to deliver compounded medicines to patients Australia wide.

We are proud to work within strict quality guidelines and to the highest set of standards using ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers. We conduct independent testing and follow procedures to ensure high-quality medications.

Dosage Forms

Medications can be delivered in a number of forms to enhance efficacy or to simply make them easier to administer. Dosage forms include:

– Capsules

– Lollipops

– Troches

– Ointments

– Gels and creams

– Eye and ear drops

— Injections

— Pessaries and suppositories

— Powders (vet medicines)

— Pastes (vet medicines)

— Ear washes and wipes (vet medicines)

— Medicated treats (vet medicines)


Product Range

We can prepare medications in a variety of forms to cater for a range of different patient needs and are highly experienced in the formulations of products in the following areas:

– IVF and Women’s Health

– Men’s Health

– Pain Medications

– Dermatology

– Ophthalmology

— Oncology support

— Veterinary medications

Discontinued Medications

Need Help?

Unfortunately from time to time certain medications are either discontinued by the manufacturer or are unavailable for extended periods of time.  In many cases Slade Pharmacy is to recreate a version of the unavailable or discontinued medicine.

To discuss how we can help you or your patients, please  call us on 03 8602 3500 and speak to one of our pharmacists. Or email us at